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Your Lingeries/Underwear

Women underwear , “ Lingeries” are names gives to what women wear under their clothes to cover the sexual private parts and also to protect it!

The underwear is usually two parts, the bra for the breasts and the upper part and the short panties or knickers for the lower part. In the past all these clothes used to be made out of cotton white clothes. Now we have the varieties of material, colors and designs. The international designer companies compete in producing latest products every now and then to attract. They have always tried to compete in providing and designing lingeries which gives comfort, elegance and attraction and looking sexy.

The Lingeries Choices :

How can you choose your lingerie which can be really attractive for the marital intimate relationship?

Try to choose lingeries which suits to complete your sexy attraction and enticement. It has to be matching with your night dress and complement it. It is always better that the set would be of the same design and color. Although different but matching color of the 3 pieces would sometimes add to the attraction.

Some tips and advise when wearing your underwear !!

Whilst changing your underwear, make sure that you stay for a long time in front of your man!! You can comb your hair, put your make-up and get prepared whilst still in your underwear going backward and forward. One ploy which always works and excites the man is to do or undo your bra!! Ask your man to help you and pretend that you cannot reach but you have to be spontaneous and natural when asking his help. The best colors of lingeries are the black and the red. These are the most attention drawing to the men and they like it…. As it gives rather sexy attractive look in their view. You need to keep changing the color and the design to maintain the interest so he does not get bored. Men by nature gets bored so you must be able to change to break the boredom.



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