Wedding Night

Wedding night

After several weeks of preparations, and sometimes for several months, the night of the wedding, called "The Night of the Dukhla", comes, and all the preparations and attention are focused on the wedding itself, but this is only the beginning of a new stage that will begin immediately after the end of the wedding ceremony.

You may have the all tension and you don’t think about it till after the end of the party. When you are alone with your groom and you do not know what to do at these moments. For some they may have some have unrealistic expectations of the night and from others they may simply don’t know what to expect!!

After the wedding, it is often a mystery to some girls and even some young people who have no prior warning to what to expect or experience. In our Eastern communities, "The Night of Dukhla" is still an undeclared secret, thinking that it is shameful to talk about these things. They have enough knowledge about the Dukhla night and they know enough to cross this stage but find themselves in shock because they did not have the correct information.

Some people get their information from their friends - who also do not know - others from the Internet or magazines; and of course the information is different according to each source.

We had to knock on this closed door and open it to those who were brought to marriage and be confused and ashamed and hundreds of questions that revolve in their minds about what to do this night, and the rituals of the night, which was always surrounded by secrecy.

After the wedding:

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are completely exhausted after dancing throughout the ceremony and the tension that accompanies the first moments. The wedding is undoubtedly exhausting for both of them. Therefore, the first advice is that the two newly wed  should enter the golden cage in a hotel!!  The door is all that bothers them and distracts the joy of this night, this will be the beginning and the experience will be printed in  their mind for the rest of their lives !!

Just few little things to remember, the dance will cause sweating and this night may be the first time you touch each other, so it is best to be the most beautiful and especially smart smell, as it is well known that the smell has a great impact on sexual excitement as well.

Make sure you do not moisten your hair - so as not to waste time drying and drying !!- you can use a fragrant shower liquid (shower gel with a fragrant scent) - rub your body with fragrant cream especially the arms and legs.

Wear wedding nighties  in white. It is a bright start, and white has a special charm too. Short or long  is what you decide and according to your taste. Drink tea or any warm drink helps you to calm and reduce tension and confusion

From the husband's side:

Take your full bath now and wash your head well!!  It is normal for a man to sweat from his head after the weary and tired wedding. Put your favorite perfume. Wear your nightgown or even shorts. If you are used to it, do not change your habits tonight.

The Dinner:

Parents usually prepare a special dinner for the bride, and if you choose a hotel for the night, they will have dinner for the bride. You can have a quiet dinner with candle lights and quiet music, and you may be able to relax a bit after the joy and crowds. You can also talk in a romantic way. This is the first time you have been together. Experts do not recommend eating too much (It is even recommended  postponing eating after the intimate relationship) or just don’t eat again!!!                                          

The beginning of the first sexual relationship:

You do not necessarily have to start the sexual relationship on the same wedding night just because  it is the custom.

Or because you have to do that at all for any reasons!! ....... Most often the bride is quite exhausted after the wedding and the preparations, you should not take this step when tired, but if you want it,  be fully prepared for it psychologically and physically ... ....

So both of you be understanding and not to be hasty. Being calm and relaxed nerves is much better.. there is no need for tension and never fear, you are not the only ones who passed this experience.

The man should start with some caresses, contacts and touches that will help soften the nerves of the wife who are often tense for being does not what to expect or  will feel at the moment of her virginity been overcome. Therefore, the husband should be very understanding of this matter and try as much as possible to reassure his bride ........ And make this night the most beautiful night of life, so you are the initiator of the fondness and beautiful speech, women usually appreciate the man affectionate and romantic attitude and behavior especially in the "night of Dukhla. ...That is the Night of Life…..

Whenever there are confusion and tension present , unfortunately,  first relationship would not be wonderful….

The secret of the success of the first experience is communication and understanding and the sense of each other and understanding the position, you must also help each other, there may be feeling of  illusion of satisfaction and a lack of satisfaction.

Many women worry about pain, how long it will last, etc. The answer is that they are quite different from one woman to another. There are those who do not feel any pain at all, and others feel like a simple burning , others find it painful and depends on what they have been wrongly told!! All this on how this can calm and how they respond to and the extent of the husband's ability to help in calming down…..

Bleeding !!!!

There are many false beliefs about the appearance of blood drops during sexual intercourse for the first time ......... The first of these beliefs is that there must be a little blood and if this does not happen you are not a virgin!!! ...... How wrong can they be!!!!!!

This is a huge mistake! Some people bleed a few drops for the first time only, there are some who bleeds first two or three times, and there are some who experience no bleeding at all. Sometimes, too, there are no blood drops until the next day, so it is a good idea to keep some daily pads in the following days. The appearance of blood drops therefore varies from woman to woman and also depends heavily on the tension felt by the woman and the rush of the man.

Remember that a man gets to orgasm faster than a woman, and that it is really difficult for the woman  to reach the orgasm of the first intercourse.. This is very natural and does not mean you have done something wrong.  The important thing is to enjoy the experience and keep practicing !!!!!!



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