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What is wide vagina?

Anxiety about vaginal size and the appearance of the vagina is a very common concern amongst  women . In addition the look of  the visible part of the female genitalia always intrigues and fascinates man and women. That mysterious part  includes clitoris, labia minora and majora.

This fact is rarely surprising, because the feelings of women’s sexuality is centered  around the vulva and the vaginal area and it is  the focus of their sexuality.

Causes of wide vagina ?

After the child birth,  it is inconceivable that the vagina will widen!!

Unfortunately, there is a very common myth that a woman who has a lot of sex will gain a wide vagina. This is just nonsense! Because no matter how much sexual intercourse has been practiced, it will not affect the size of the vagina.

But what is the effect of birth on vaginal dimensions?

Unfortunately, the more the number of childbirth, the more likely that the vagina will expand. This is due to damage to the muscles and tissues supporting the walls of  the vagina. The more difficult the childbirth, the more damage we ecounter.

This can often be prevented by the use of  postpartum exercises that midwives and physiotherapists can teach.

Symptoms and signs of  wide vagina?

If the vaginal cavity is too large, this can have the following effects:

1 - Intercourse may be less pleasing to you

2 - Intercourse may be less pleasing to your partner

3 – There maybe  more likely to experience  the phenomenon of air entry into the vagina (vaginal wind).

4. Vaginal water maybe suck into the vagina - although this may not be a health problem.

5. It is more important that laxation of the  muscles around the vagina may lead to prolapse (uterine descent and other organs) in the mid life or later.


Treatment of  wide vagina

If the vagina is too wide and dilated:

1. Work urgently to tighten the vagina by doing pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises). Any midwife or nurse, physiotherapist or doctor can help you.

You will need to do them for six months intensively in order to get  improvement.

This is an attempt to start:

1. Tighten the muscles on the lower body - as if you are trying hard to  stop yourself from urinating.

Keep this contraction for 10 seconds

2 - Relax for 10 seconds

3 – Tighten again for 10 seconds

4. Continue to shrink or squeeze  and relax like this for the full five minutes

Repeat four times a day

2. Consult  a gynecologist to discuss the possibility of a narrowing process in a vaginal repair operation where the weak tissues of the pelvis can be pulled together  and the soft vaginal walls are tightened.

If the vulva is large, many women are severely distressed at the appearance of the vagina - feeling that it is too big, that the labia is too long, or that something is uneven.

These days, they are often influenced by misleading views as a result of having pornographic videos or magazines.

It is advisable to go to a gynaecology clinic - because the doctors there are used to dealing with this kind of anxiety all the time. It can often be assured that it is actually normal.

But if there is really anomaly, it can be corrected by surgery, performed by a gynecologist or plastic surgeon.

Since the beginning of this century, these processes have become increasingly common. However, they are implemented at a high rate in the private sector.

Laser vaginal narrowing process

With the development of science and technology and its integration into the world of beauty and beautification, we have shown the use of laser in the narrowing of the vagina.  This process is focused on the narrowing of the vagina by thermal  heating of the layers of internal vaginal tissue and fibers, such as collagen, thus urging the tissues of elastin and collagen on shrinking and re-tightening. This motivates them for the continuous and long-term renewal. This procedure is usually performed at the gynecologist's clinic, and does not exceed 30 minutes. The patient does not feel pain, does not need anesthesia, and its results are very positive and over the long term. It can also cure other medical problems such as urinary incontinence, post-natal relaxation and it improves sexual feeling.


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