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Frigidity in women

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Humankind is an integrative creation for the most romantic relationships, but it may be a source of marital disorders, or may lead to instability or failure. In the United States of America, 50% of these romantic relationships led to marital disturbances or their end, causing a high proportion of psychological and physical problems of sexual partners, so it is of paramount importance that there be greater awareness and understanding in the friendly and marital relationship, to avoid Consequences that lead to functional sexual dysfunction lead to the end of the romantic relationship between the spouses.

In the medical field, in the past few years, our clinical knowledge has developed profoundly and extensively in the field of sexual health in women, especially in the diagnosis of causes of sexual weakness and coldness. Our knowledge of the causes and treatment of sexual dysfunction in women has also deepened.  It is more complex in women compared to sexual dysfunction and imbalances in men.

Sexual rigidity is defined as either inability or loss of sexual desire that leads to loss of arousal or even abstinence from sexual intercourse. The reason for this is due to illness. The weakness or disappearance of arousal lies in the organic response to the sexual stimuli themselves, leading to a loss of desire for pleasure, sexual dissatisfaction, non enjoyment of the sexual intercourse, which subsequently causes not only abstinence from the sexual process itself, but complete sexual frigidity.

The most common sexual dysfunctions in women are:

Weakness in sexual desire.

Sexual aversion.

General sexual coldness (which means both psychological and organic).

Weakness in orgasm and sexual climax.

Pain and vaginal cramps occur during the sexual process.


Recent clinical statistics on the incidence of these diseases in women indicate that:

The incidence of sexual coldness  in women (16% - 75%) due to weak sexual desire.

(6% -45%) due to poor access or peak sexual orientation.

(2% - 64%) due to lack of sexual arousal due to certain organic or psychological factors.

(58% -7%) because of pain and convulsions in the vagina and convulsions during the sexual process.

At the same time, women may suffer more than one sexual disorder. In order to diagnose these diseases correctly, each specialist should know the sources of the disorders that are related to the psychological connection to sexual dysfunction, especially the disturbance of the romantic and friendly relationship between the sexual partners, these disorders have a major relationship to the quality and depth of emotional relationship and attachment to the sexual partner. Recent clinical research in this field has shown that emotional attachment between two people after adulthood leads to love in the relationship itself. The evolution of the love relationship between the woman and the man is maintained through three systems in the human brain that stimulate their emotional relationship to develop into a sexual relationship resulting into sexual intercourse whose goal is reproduction and the three activation systems in the brain, says Helen Fisher, a researcher of anthropology are :

Sexual desire: an instinct for enjoyment and satisfaction.

Romantic love: It is a state of unbridled desire for sexual encounter and for a short period.

Friendly relationship with long-term friendly and long-term finality, and at the same time the sustainable love of life partner.

The uniqueness of this theory is that it indicates biological integration of these three systems, which are related to sexual desire, love and romance, influenced by the amines and sex hormones such as dopamin and noradrenaline. These two substances, which are released in the brain are the main stimuli of sexual arousal and romantic love in the brain of women.

If this is repeated, the results of these scientific and clinical research indicate unequivocally. The sexual and emotional stimuli in the brain have a distinct characteristic in the development and stabilization of the sexual relationship between the sexual partners. The first goal is sexual intercourse and enjoyment. It has been clinically proven that there is a strong relationship between the instinct of sexual enjoyment in women and the effect of the amines leading to sexual arousal, which stimulates the instinct to take care of the sexual stimuli and also creates the sexual environment, thus leading to sexual arousal. Noradrenaline is the neurotransmitter epinephrine of the sympathetic nervous system SNS dominant, as the high rate of excretion in the brain leads to the strengthening of sexual arousal and its enhancement , and in the case of romantic attachment, this amines lead to a loss of appetite and insomnia in women!! While high levels of dopamine secretion, which is also a necessary neurotransmitter and a catalyst responsible for sexual stimulation in the nervous system leads to exercise sexual arousal.

How does sexual excitement occur?

The physiology of sexual function in a woman is subject to sexual arousal after she has been sensitized by the central nervous system, which in turn triggers the same sexual arousal due to the increase and increase in the blood flow to the sexual area of the woman, especially the vagina and the surrounding organs of the clitoris. It is known for male erectile dysfunction, while women's sexual dysfunctions are at the same time subject to several factors including psychological, neurological, hormonal and vascular factors.

The sexual coldness of a woman is concentrated in the loss or weakness of the feeling of excitement, desire and sexual desire, and the difficulty of reaching the sexual peak or inability to feel pleasure

Forgetfulness or loss of consciousness, and may be physiological, psychological, organic or hormonal. For example, sexual stimulation is an important psychological and biological part, which stimulates sexual desire hormonically, nervously and psychologically, knowing that neuroendocrine endocrinologists are the ones who do sexual desire, sexual fantasies, and sexual dreams and think about them.

Recent statistics show that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunctions between the ages of 25 and 60 years of age while men are 31%, but recent US statistical studies have found that the incidence of these sexual disorders in women is much higher than that of women Mentioned in advance, where 98% of these women complain about the existence of sexual problems mentioned above for the gynecologist who visits it periodically.

The causes :

Clinical studies have shown that sexual frigidity is mainly caused by a functional sexual dysfunction that results in sexual disorders in women:

Sexual dysfunction

A personal illness disorder in sexual arousal, a loss or decline in the sense of sexual arousal despite sexual stimuli leading to vaginal lubrication, as well as physiological arousal in the sexual area, especially in the vagina and surrounding sexual organs.

This disorder leads to a complaint of lack of sexual response of the sexual organs to sexual stimuli. The symptoms are concentrated in a decrease in the external congestion surrounding the vagina and the decrease or lack of fluid of the vagina (lubrication) and then decrease or lack of sensation and excitement, and respond to it or may have a sense of sexual arousal but without sexual stimuli.

A complex psychological and organic disorder in sexual arousal, which leads to a marked decrease in sexual excitement, as well as diminishing sense of sexual stimuli, and here the complains affect women ending in the loss of sexual arousal and excitement.

In this case, the excitement is spontaneous and involuntary. Sexual arousal remains despite reaching the sexual peak, and despite the completion of the sexual process, this condition may continue for hours or days.

Sexual peak disorder, which is the weakness or inability to enjoy during sexual excitement, while not being able to reach the peak. In this case, there is also a marked decrease in the intensity of the feeling of the peak or there is a clear delay to reach the pleasure despite the sexual stimulation by the sexual partner, and despite making the patient that it has sexual excitement, there is also a weakness in the peak and diminished in sensory intensity or there Clear delay in reaching peak despite sexual stimulation.

There are two types of these disorders: the first is the absence of a previous sexual experience, and the second is the use of anti-depressants.

Vaginal pain during the sexual process, and symptoms of persistent or repeated pain and repeated during the attempt to practice sexual intercourse or attempt to complete penetration into the vagina.

The incidence of vaginismus, symptoms of permanent and frequent difficulties and not allow anything to enter into the vagina and even finger, despite the desire for sexual intercourse.

Disorder and hatred of sexual aversion.

 Pathological causes:

The above-mentioned sexual disorders, as confirmed by studies, are due to the presence of unsatisfactory changes in the endothelial cells of the blood vessels in general and the blood vessels in the sexual region in particular, which lead to the slow flow of arterial blood to the genitals, due to the loss of adequate rubber In these vessels, especially (vaginal and clitoral arteries), because of the phenomenon of nitric oxide pathological, where the narrowing and stiffness in the walls of these arteries and then diminish the production of this oxide in the walls. This oxide is the neurotransmitter that stimulates, activates and maintains the elasticity of the arteries, which is controlled by nervousness. This is caused by the spread of modern diseases leading to the oxidative effort in the endothelial cells of these vessels causing damage. This affects both men and women. Metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids and lipids in the blood, or because of the wrong lifestyle of these men or women in the case of excessive consumption of foods high in meat and grease, or because of lack of physical movement, Daily sports, or addiction to smoking or alcohol.

All these factors, in addition to the presence of environmental pollution in the food, drink and air in the atmosphere around us, in particular pollution of the upper and lower air levels from several sources such as smoke of cars and diesel fuel and power plants and factories, where large quantities of large carbon particles (MP01) As well as the smaller particles (MP5.2), together lead to disorders of disease in women or men, and raises a huge and dangerous in those infected not only sexually transmitted diseases, but the above-mentioned metabolic diseases, which threaten the life of a person from the occurrence of strokes or cerebral Sooner or later, after exposure to these vascular and histopathological vascular changes, and these pathological changes may also lead to mental illness and social problems of women or men.

Recent clinical statistics have shown that at least one of these disorders is diagnosed by 39% of women aged 40-60 years.

 Sexual Suppression

Why Have Fun?? .

The ultimate pleasure and ecstasy pleasure; it is orgasm.

Every day  100 million people reaches seven thousand ecstasy per minute, more than a thousand orgies per second during the day, but the important question: Why ecstasy?

The answer is easy for men. Sexual orgasms are important for them to reproduce. Men shoot semen needed for reproduction when they reach sexual orgasm, but it is different for women. They do not need access to sexual orgasm in order to get pregnant.

Such as hunger, thirst or pain, our feelings when we reach orgasm are innate and difficult to describe in words, so after more than 60 years of research we still lack a definition in the books about what sex orgasm is.

Until recently, researchers focused mainly on sexual organs, but neuroscientists Prof. Barry Comisarrock and sexual health researcher Dr. Beverly Weibel are looking into an unknown sexual environment. "Our minds!"

"No one has shown where deep orgasm happens, or at any part of the brain activates when it occurs, what causes the beautiful sensation we feel," says Dr. Barry Kumisaruk. What series of interactions occur in different parts of the brain when we reach orgasm? How does orgasm arise? »

A volunteer was used to perform masturbation in order to reach sexual orgasm within the MRI system, and changes in oxygen content were measured in blood.

Yet ten minutes after the presence of the volunteer woman within the magnetic resonance system, she is about to reach orgasm, without any significant changes in the activity of her brain. The only activity was in the sensory cortex of the brain; the area affected by genital excretion.

After about 11 minutes, the changes began to appear in brain activity, indicating that her arrival in orgasm was approaching. The "hippocampus" began to move; it was the place where emotions and long-term memories were formed.

The brain starts to increase activity, the orgasm begins at the volunteer, and the MRI shows a strong activity in the nerve network. The motor areas such as the cerebellum are full of activity as the muscles tense and spread. And then activates the center of pleasure and addiction in the brain; Overall, thirty different regions of the brain activate when orgasm is achieved.

"Basically, all areas of the brain are active during orgasm, cortex, cerebrospinal fluid, and the brain stem are activated in a different sequence, but eventually they all become active," says Dr. Barry Comisaruk.

There is no other human activity that stimulates multiple areas of the brain at the same time as orgasm, which proves this activity is the increase in the rate of oxygen consumption, this means that ecstasy is a supply of abundant oxygen and nutrients to the brain; that can not be harmful to us, Conversely, orgasm is useful for the brain; it is more than just a physiological interaction; orgasm is a wonderful feeling and a powerful pleasure that is very important to us.

Women's orgasm is one of the most mysterious mysteries of human sexuality. Back in the 19th century, people were never convinced of orgasm. Women did not think they existed in women; they thought they had an illness called "women's nervous disorder". By the turn of the twentieth century, women had come up against men's medical laws, and a new kind of sexual freedom was emerging.

Today, women's sexuality is a constant fact, but the important question is: What is the goal for women?

The goal of sexual orgasm in men is clear; to ejaculate sperm in the vagina where the egg is fertilized, no sperm without sexual orgasm, and no pregnancy without sperm. But women's orgasm function is less obvious; they do not fertilize eggs, which is not important for reproduction.

"There is a great disparity in the accessibility of women to orgasm; there are women who have never reached sexual orgasm, and there are many women who are infertile," says Roach. You reach ecstasy by touching their lips, and there are women who reach orgasm from the ground without touching any part of their bodies. "

In evolutionary terms, sex is related to reproduction, and hope is rewarded pleasantly every time they publish their genetic material (sperm), but it is different for women. Studies show that only 25% of women reach orgasm through penetration alone. Professor Lyud believes that female ecstasy is not equivalent to that of men, but is another outcome of our common fetal history. In the first 8 weeks of our embryonic life, male and female have the same physical type. During this time, the muscles of orgasm and their nerve pathways are formed in both male and female. Like male dreams, they do not need them, but they form as a result of sharing the same physical structure with the female. The first eight weeks of his embryonic life. Similarly, sexual orgasm is needed for sperm to be ejaculated, and women receive it free of charge because of this involvement in physical structure. This theory is called the "wonderful reward" and shows that female orgasm has no evolutionary purpose at all. If the female orgasm was due to the similarity of the physical structure with the male, why would it be stronger than the orgasm of the male and varied and complex?

A completely new look at the female anatomy scientifically illustrates some shocking facts; what we thought by knowing about our bodies was just the tip of the iceberg!

To understand what women's orgasm is, we need to understand the physical makeup of women. We have just begun to understand the complexity of the clitoris until the G spot appears.

And the knowledge of what goes through the body and the sexual life, is it harmful to us and to society as well??





Sex education classes in German schools contain many knowledge materials, including homosexuality, accompanied by students and specialists in the field, in short, the subject is not forced. Most importantly, the statistics indicate that there has been a sharp drop in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in Germany since the introduction of this curriculum, and the use of condoms increased significantly, and the number of girls who use contraceptives to half the number compared to 35 years ago, so - and if not This information is important to some - it is very important in a world where sex is one of the pillars of normal life like eating and drinking, but dealing with it as an epidemic coming from another planet we do not know, is the crisis.

 I am sure that there are many Arab families living in or outside our country working hard to provide the right sex education for their children and daughters, out of their belief in the importance of this. This education creates a safe space in the houses to talk about issues classified as "sensitive" Forbidden ".

Not only to know the body and stages of development and desires, but to inform the boys and girls of how to protect their bodies from harassment and rape also, and not afraid to talk with the family. The vagina and the penis are two organs of the body, which have their natural function as the heart and stomach, and talk about them and their role and how to protect them too, is necessary to build open and developed societies that protect their children and daughters and see the body as human value.


Sexual Culture and Health Awareness

 Type of orgasmic sexual women in bed :

The woman is a wonderful creation in the truest sense of the word, and the most beautiful moment known to the woman and she likes most is that moment when she gives herself .. When she loves  to be a volcano tender and private and when she enjoys her femininity under her husband is in the utmost sense,  and when she reaches the peak of pleasure and taste the cup of the mind pleasure and sex in full. Delicious and wonderful and being enjoyed by the loved  man and knows that he was brought to the utmost ecstasy comfort and happiness

 There are different kinds of  orgasmic women :

* A woman who is during orgasmic sex enters into a temporary coma of the mind and is wiped out after a few minutes and was in another world…. Fabulous !!!

* A woman who calls and invites you by the most wonderful and precious names and she may even not remember your name!! Do not hesitate to make her enjoy the best feelings and calculate this moment well to continue beating to the end so as she would achieve the ecstasy of her orgasm.

* The violent woman  who may hit your back and your shoulders and pulls  your hair strongly as if she is giving birth.  You have to bear that and pull your tricks, you will then generate her happiness,  make every point in her body pulsate and do not wait for her apology for what has been caused because she does not know what she was doing. And you will be the most beautiful in her eyes .. She will ask for it again and again ...

*The arrogant woman and here at the peak of her orgasm, she screams, do not respond. Do not believe her because her mind says to carry on and continue ... And enjoy ... As in for it she  says .. yes… yes… yes… yes… yes…

*The majestic woman who has the Royal shiver of orgasm as it comes to her in a smooth and quiet way and affects all her parts when she stretches,  pulsates, groans quietly and her breath stops and starts quietly. This is the Royal shiver.

* She may tell you the name of her name and she cries - make sure to close the windows and doors  well because she will expose you to the neighbors! .. Use the pillow to close her mouth strong until you finish her trembling then sit back and cry calmly and include you strongly, I love you I love you…. 

* A woman who combines all that is described above and she is wonderful!!

* Finally, a woman who is chewing gum and you work hard and exhaust yourself. This has one of two things - either to throw her out of the window immediately or you retire from men’s world !!!! ...

 At the end .. And with all kinds of women and after reaching orgasm,  do not leave her … just keep hugging and  whisper in her ear that you love her and you will always found that this will be the happiest moments of her life ...



Violent sex and stroking the woman’s butt!!

 Why do women like the stroking of their butts and a degree of aggression and violence in the sexual process?

 Sex is that beautiful thing in our lives, especially our marital life, which is the basis of the solid relation and the source of happiness to both husband and wife ..

Sex is trigger by means and ways that the woman uses to entice her husband with temptations.

With sexy clothes that evokes sexual arousal or a lustrous perfume that pinches a man's heart.

Or seductive movements known to women and pave the way for the sexual process .. And caresses make the husband falls in the net. ..

 But in the Eastern society, women remain a closed secret. They cannot speak or express their desires and secrets even to their closest, because they are always being accused or stigmatized as bad women if they open up and expose themselves.

 In most eastern societies, girls are brought up restricted and suppressed.

 They are made to  deny everything and anything related to her sexual desires or body .. This creates in Eastern woman a fear from expressing her wishes and dreams, and even denying  it.

 Gradually the girl finds herself being an enemy of all manifestations of desire.

 Subsequently they subconsciously criticize each other and blame themselves if any of these desires surfaced or shown even to herself.

 Even if she thought of anything sexual privately on her own.

 One of the sexual desires that girls in general are afraid to talk about is aggressiveness or violent sex .. !!

 This sexual aspect that does exist and is not talked about by many and wives are embarrassed to tell their husbands, and ask them about it despite their love for them is the use of gentle and mild violence and aggression in the sexual process ..

 Which if the husband knew to use it properly it will get his wife to the maximum sexual pleasure ..

 But the important advice to couples that violence should not be harmful neither to the feelings of the woman nor her body

 Otherwise, if violence becomes harmful and practiced against women, it may cause many psychological and health damage.

 And to give negative results contrary to what is expected.

 Women are an extremely sensitive and delicate entity that should be treated with care, even when using gentle sexual violence and aggression.


* * * * * * * * * *


Aggression and Violence during sex has many forms :


What we are talking about here is a reasonable amount of violence and aggression.


Not pathological, physical or sadistic violence


Types of violence vary during sex ... for example ..


* Stroking the backside, the butts


* Tieing


* Covering the eyes(Blind folding)


* Light beating and pulling of hair


* Light biting


* Porn words during sex


And perhaps all of this together


To explain each point and to clarify the benefit and damage that may result from it.


1 - Stroking on the backside and butts.


It is one of the most exciting things for any woman, because she moves her sense of femininity, her sense of total submission to the man and his total control over her. A woman always likes to show interest in her ass .. This is noticed in the latest fashion .. The beauty of women are always shown from this angle because this butt is the most important body shape difference between them and men. The beautiful butt shows fertility and femininity of course, and this is what every woman is aware of and knows and every man can appreciate ..

 Punching on the back and stroking can be done in varieties of ways :


** The girl stand facing the wall and the man stroke lightly and fast on the back ..


** Or that the woman sleeps or prostrates on the feet of the man and he will then stroke her protruding bum. This is the most popular way, the man then strokes the back after exposing the woman’s butt ... Here we must note, that the stroking on the back must be without excessive violence and not use any sharp object. So as not to cause pain,  that is not likely or cause wounds or the like .. And to continue till  the woman reaches for the greatest excitement possible ...


It is known that the stroking on the back and its enjoyment  is widespread amongst society and in the higher circles that it is sexual desires and action is not fully understood by many girls .. But it leads to a great excitement and pleasure ..


It was found in a poll that at least seven out of every ten girls liked stroking on the back, as a means of arousal before the full sexual process and penetration .. And full entry ..

 2. Tieing


Tieing during sex is one of the things that makes the girl highly aroused . Because then it make her feels as if she is powerless and weak! She also feels that the man in the strongest image and this raises endless excitement .. Thus, this makes them reach the highest degree of orgasm ... because this makes her feel her true femininity as a woman  and that she  belongs to a strong man doing what he wants with her and gives her enjoyment.


The tieing is done with some sexual games, such as clothes, or custom laces or hand cuffs.


And here we should not fail to warn that the tieing must be by agreement, not coercion ... nor should it be strong so as not to hurt the girl. It is noted that this method is one of the most exciting things in the man's style of sexual intercourse,  because it increases the arousal  in women and enhances  the susceptibility of the sexual process ...


3 – Covering  the eyes (Blindfolding) :

 Covering the eyes is heavily tied and tied.

 Covering the eyes during sex makes the woman feels completely losing control,  submissive and relinquishing control to the man, because she does not know what he will  do in the next step ..

 Each movement will be a surprise and will make her more excited and enjoying the surprise of the unexpected from his next move.

 Covering eyes during sex can be used to do many other things that increase the arousal of women and make them more sexual.

 But be aware that the movement must be well calculated because she does not predict them and she can do anything without the help of man .. That gives her immense amount of pleasure.

 4 - Beating and light biting  and pulling hair:

 These need skills and a great knowledge from men about the women’s mood status, because they are not associated with a particular time.

 For sometimes the woman feels sexually cold and tired of the sexual relationship .. Therefore, some of the activation of the sensory cells  is useful for re-excitement of the intimate marital relationship ..

 The light beating makes the woman feel some pain, which stimulates her sensory cells even more .. And then ,  she responds to any exciting stimuli even if it was simple or trivial.

 Also light bite especially of the breasts, nipples and neck makes women feel a great sexual energy  that drives them to interact more during sex.

 While hair pulling  is one of the most painful things that women may endure, doing that during sex gives some immense sexual pleasure. But I t should be used very carefully because it may spoil the entire sexual session if it has been over used ... !!

 5. Pornography during sex:

 This is one of the most popular things women like but are always embarrassed to mention to their husbands ...

 A woman loves to hear from her husband everything sex-related but in the men’s  language !!

 The talk about the sexual process during sex, such as to mention of  her genitalia in colloquial language .. And also perhaps insulting phrases and words which are colloquial .. This makes the woman feel the demise of the barrier between them.

 A woman always likes to hear pornographic words as she likes to hear the words of love and romance.

 This  awakens within them all the hidden feelings that they cannot show to the community or in public.

 And this sends them in another world of ecstasy and pleasure that may not be understood by man ...


So the shy man during sex does not delight women, no matter how shy she is in normal life.


Because sex for women is the biggest privacy .. Therefore, she likes to feel and enjoy with him all the other taboos that have been imposed on her so as she can complement the mental image that she wants ..


* * * * * * * * * *

 All these points makes women feel a lot different during sex ..But  has to sus and always test for the likes and dislikes.  These things are liked by many women .. and what is important is to know how to use them in a timely manner ..


This will largely depends on the innovation, ability and the skills of the men during sex and during his relationship with the women diversity between these points and others also creates a renewed and unconventional atmosphere during the sexual relationship, thus providing a longer time of pleasure and understanding between the parties.


* * * * * * * * * *

Benefits of stroking the woman's back and butts:


In an exploratory study, women who had previous experience of stroking  their backs during intercourse were asked and the answers were as follows:


* 01 * Stroking  on the butt during the sexual process in a sudden way causes the vaginal opening to squeeze and tighten. Especially if the process is done from the back by rear vaginal entrance , this increases the narrowing of the vaginal opening and gives more pleasure.


* 02 *Stroking on the back and holding the butt firmly  gives the female a sense of the will of the male partner to access  more places in her body beyond what she can imagine.

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