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Sexual vaginal pleasure is important for both partners just as much, but women sometimes experience unease or discomfort in that sensitive area and around the external genitalia or the outside down below, which makes the sexual pleasure deficient!  This can be as a result of previous childbirth which makes the vagina rather wide, or disfigured or pigmented and not acceptable in length or shape or maybe affected by formation of cysts or lesions around the vulva or the vagina or even being tight or have a rigid vaginal entrance or rigid or imperforated hymen, to the degree that sexual intercourse becomes unpleasant or even painful, impossible and cannot be accomplished.

In addition it is appreciated that the loss of virginity when the hymen is broken pauses a very sensitive and difficult dilemma. Broken hymen may have resulted from sexual or non-sexual encounter !!

At The British Clinic all these issues can be dealt with non-judgmentally, symphatetically, professionally, skillfully and effectively in total confidence accordingly by the following procedures :


Labiaplasty – labial reconstruction, refashioning and reshaping.


Vaginoplasty – proper vaginal plastic surgery reconstruction to tighten or widen the vagina to ease pleasurable intercourse and improves sexual vaginal pleasure and restores the original function.


Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser, Petit Laser Action 2, improves vaginal sexual pleasure for the woman and the man by making the vagina tight and more sensual.


Laser Vaginal Bleaching – This will whiten and remove the pigmented dark areas around the vulva and the vagina and makes it sexually arousing and pleasant more than before.


Hymenotomy – in other words, hymen repair surgery in Dubai, is Slicing and opening the imperforated or rigid hymen to restore it to the original function and allow pleasurable sexual intercourse.


Hymenoplasty ,Hymen Repair, Revision of hymenal ring – Every situation is individually assessed to see the degree of tear, cut or rupture of the hymen membrane. Accordingly, the procedure is tailored to the need and the required results so as the area would retain as it was and even better!!

All is done with understanding, sympathy, total confidence, non-judgmental and professionally skillful.


Excision of any cysts, warts or lesions around the sexual sensitive areas. All abnormal unwanted lesions which causes disfigurement, discomfort or unpleasantness are removed and area is subjected to fine plastic surgery to make the area sexually sensual and beautiful !


What is labiaplasty?

  • A surgical procedure to remove or reduce the size of the labia – the lips or folds of skin that surround the vagina.
  • Most often the surgery involves cutting back the inner labia (labia minora) so that they appear concealed or tucked inside the outer labia (labia majora).
  • Labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, according to a study from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Why is it done?

Know this: There is a H-U-G-E range of what qualifies as a normal labia length and look!

Sometimes the inner labia are longer than the outer labia, sometimes the outer are longer than the inner.

Sometimes they’re symmetrical, sometimes they’re shaped in a way that the clitoris is visible, other times not, and so forth.

Dr. Din likens labia to earlobes: “Just as no two lobes have the same thickness, length, or color, no two vulvas and labias are the same.

A labiaplasty can be performed if or when someone’s labia are too long. Or when someone thinks their labia are too long.

Is it ever medically necessary?

For most people labiaplasty isn’t medically necessary. Rather, it’s a cosmetic procedure they elect to have because they’ve decided that a smaller or shorter labia minora is desirable.

However, yes (!) sometimes it is medically necessary.

Dr. Norman M. Rowe, a board certified plastic surgeon, says it’s considered medically necessary if your labia get “sucked” or “tucked” into the vagina during sex. This can result in painful tears in the vulva skin.

Same goes if things like wearing underwear or a bathsuit, walking, running, biking, or even sitting are painful or irritate or chafe the vulvar skin.

Some folks are born with longer labia, childbirth and simply getting older can also result in labia elongation, making the procedure necessary later in life.


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