Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy lasts forty weeks rather than the traditional nine months. It is divided into three trimesters mostly rough three months each.

Weeks 1 -8

These early weeks you will be launched into the first trimester, and it is a vital time for your developing baby. By the end of these first eight weeks, he will only be as big as half of your thumb, yet his development is already well advanced.

Doctors date pregnancy as beginning roughly two weeks after your last menstrual period, even though you may know for sure when you conceived. For this reason, the following week by week guide begins at week three.


Week 3

How your baby grows.

Conception takes place. An egg is fertilized by one of your partner's million sperms. The fertilized egg (ovum) multiplies, and the cluster of cells travels along one of your fallopian tubes to the uterus.

Size: Invisible to the naked eye at the moment.

Week 4

The fertilized egg divides rapidly into a cluster of cells to become an embryo. It arrives in your uterus and for a few days floats freely there. Then the minute embryo  embeds itself in the lining of the uterus, to be nourished from blood vessels there while the placenta begins to form.

Size: A pinhead


Week 5

The  rudimentary spine is beginning to form and the brain is now also developing two lobes.

Size: About 2mm long  (1/10in)  just visible  to the naked eye.

Weight: A  feather.

Changes     1/ You may feel or be sick.

                   2/ Smell of cooking or smoke may be nauseating.

                   3/ constipation.

                   4/ change in skin.


Week 6

Size : around 6 mm (1/4 inch) long

Weight : An apple pip or two - no more than that.

Changes : 1. You may feel or be sick

2. Smell of cooking or smoke may be nauseating

3. Constipation

4. Change in skin.


Week 7

The limb buds are now recognisable as tiny arms and legs, with marks where the fingers and toes will grow.

The spine and brain are almost fully developed and the head is becoming more rounded and human

Size             around 1 -3 cm ( 1/2 in") long.

Weight       perhaps about and orange pip by now

changes      1/ tired and keep falling asleep

                   2/ feel faint or light headed.

                   3/ changeable emotions.

Week 8

The major internal organs are all there, though not yet fully developed.


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