Painful Intercourse and Vaginismus

Wants Sex... But it hurts!!!! We will solve it .....

Painful Sex & Vaginismus

Causes of pain during intercourse in women:

The pain that occurs during sexual intercourse is a common problem among many women, and can cause repulsion from the practice, and many women wonder why the pain is felt after or during intercourse.  In fact, there is more than one reason for the occurrence of this type of pain:

First: Psychological causes resulting from accumulation and build up of  false information and maybe previous traumatic experience since childhood and adolescence.

Second: Organic reasons including ..

• The presence of infections or ulceration on the neck of the womb causing pain during the deep penetration process ..

• Vaginal contractions or constriction of the vaginal muscles, and this occurs when the woman is afraid of injury or fear of the process of intercourse itself, so it is recommended to make the process of intercourse gently and calmly.

• Lack of the vaginal secretion or dryness of the vagina causes the woman to feel pain during intercourse, so it is recommended to use the moisturizing medical creams to lubricate the vaginal area and relax completely during the penetration process or the use of water with an oil formula for lubrication.

• The presence of tumors or growths in the area of the opening or the wall of the vagina or the result of non healing of the episiotomy cut or  maybe polyps or tumors of the uterus that may cause severe pain during intercourse or maybe the presence of problems in the area of the ovaries.

• Infectious diseases transmitted through the process of sexual intercourse such as herpes or warts, or the presence of vulvar or sexually transmitted diseases in general.

Therefore, we recommend that in case of unusual symptoms, the woman  must visit the doctor.  For example, the occurrence of bleeding from the vagina or any trauma to the genital or excessive  vaginal discharge or the presence of involuntary contractions in the vagina. All of this must prompt a visit to the doctor. Also in the case of irregular menstrual period  must be reviewed and not ignored.

Symptoms of vaginismus: -

Symptoms of vaginismus vary depending on the type and severity of the disease itself. It may not exceed the sensation of minor burns and may reach a feeling of narrowing in the opening of the vagina or even a complete closure that is impossible to penetrate.

Vaginal spasticity is a common cause of persistent sexual pains, which is also the main female cause of incomplete unfulfilled marriages that  are free of intercourse .. marriage without penetration, non consummation of marriage .. or even to the point that may lead to  separation and divorce !! .. Sexual pain can affect women in all stages of their lives even  women who have spent years in sex life  with all satisfaction .. While the presence of some temporary discomfort during sexual intercourse, is not uncommon, but if it continues, it must be diagnosed and treated ..

Common symptoms and complaints associated with vaginal convulsion and spasm :

* Difficulty with penetration * Pain in insertion, * Feeling uncomfortable with penetration of the penis, * Persistent pain or sexual discomfort after delivery, * Urinary tract infections, * Female fungal infection * Sexually transmitted diseases.

This complaint is also noticed in cases of ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, cancer, after surgical procedures, postpartum after vaginal episiotomy, menopause and the age of change. The occurrence of dryness and atrophy in the whole sensitive area, when a woman has been subjected to rape. The woman may complain about the difficulty of inserting the tampon or observe it when undergoing vaginal examination. Cramps also occurs in other muscle groups of the body, such as the legs and lower back, and the women find herself difficult to breathe and when asked the woman admits that she cannot have sexual  intercourse !!

She then states that this situation she suffers from during attempts to intercourse and so she avoids sex because of pain and fail to complete the sexual process .. !!

 It is this vaginal cramps and tightness of the vagina in the woman which caused the discomfort first .. Then the feeling of burning and pain follows and the problems of difficult penetration after that, or inability to have intercourse at all in the end .. And talking about it remains hidden and hiding get us nowhere .. !! And the suffering continues .. !!!

And the solution .. ?? The treatment is available .. Only needs to be  requested it .. And participate in the treatment .. Organic causes are treated and removed .. Repair vagina .. The use of creams and lubricants .. Imla cream in the area .. The use of gradual dilators .. And the injection of the hydrocortisone and Lignocaine in the area .. Widening of the vaginal opening process called "Fenton" .. Can all be done ... and the psychological reasons are treated with sessions of relaxation and education and further sexual health education remains the key!!  The technique of  Sensate Focus of feelings of  Master and Johnson is used successfully with excellent results!



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