Hymen Repair Surgery In Abu Dhabi

Hymen Repair Surgery in Abu Dhabi aims to repair the hymen tissue in the vaginal region. The procedure, also known as Hymenoplasty, aids in the restoration of what is thought to be a sign of virginity.



Girls are always concerned about this structure and always thinking about it!!

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the vaginal opening from the outside, but at the same time allows menstrual blood to flow through the opening, or small openings present. It is a thin membrane separating the external genitalia from the beginning of internal genitalia (vagina). The vagina is the part in which sexual intercourse takes place and when the male organ enters breaking the hymen, which leads to rupture and tear. This loss of virginity is sometimes but not always is accompanied by presence of few drops of blood.

What is the shape of the hymen?

• The hymen has more than one shape and acts as a filter or curtain at the entrance of the vagina.  As sexual intercourse continues, most parts are torn, and after birth, they are completely torn apart.

Here are some types:

* A membrane with a hole with one opening in the middle.

* A membrane with a long and narrow opening similar to the opening of the lock.

* A membrane with a multiple small holes.

* A membrane with a slot with no specific edges.

* A membrane with grooved opening edges.

* A membrane with slot hanging from part of the membrane of the top.

* A membrane with crescent shaped edges.

* A thick membrane with a hole in the middle usually,  this type is resistant for the male genital to enter  during intercourse and may lead to a significant bleeding during the tear.

* A rubbery or elastic membrane (see more information down)

* A rare type of hymen, a type that does not have an opening for the passage of menstrual blood.

Breaking of the hymen :

Generally, the hymen breaking after marriage occasionally is accompanied by mild pain and a loss of few drops of blood. It is important to note that the amount of blood varies from one girl to another. This blood may also be mixed with vaginal secretions and the husband’s ejaculant and it can therefore turn into brown or pink color.

When does the breaking of the hymen do not accompany the presence of blood?

• Hymen breaking can sometimes not be accompanied by the presence of any blood, in the case of a ring type called "rubbery" or  “elastic” membrane. Also in the case of a thick and tough membrane. In both cases, the membrane is not actually broken because it does not rupture.

• Rubbery or elastic membrane:

This type is always the cause of marital problems!!  It is the cause of marital distress and also the misery and surprise of the wife, where breaking is not always accompanied by the bleeding at the first contact. The rubbery membrane allows the penetration of the penis without the occurrence of bleeding because it is elastic and expands with contact and does not tear. It remains without any rupture until the child birth occurs, where it may prevents the descent of the head of the fetus. This type can be removed by the surgeon and he can testify the chastity of the wife!

At the same time, the knowledge of this type of membrane is sometimes used in the argument to defend a woman’s honor in front of their husband, claiming that it is the reason for not having bleeding at the first entrance.

But we would like to point out that this type is an uncommon type, and it can be proven whether or not it is present by medical examination.

• Thick and tough membrane:

This is a rare type of hymen. This type does not have a hole for the descent of blood, and therefore does not tear easily, and does not allow intercourse to take place. Since there is no hole in this membrane, it is usually diagnosed at an early age, where the mother and daughter attend to the doctor complaining of not experiencing menstrual bleeding, or the presence of severe colic, that continuous for several days of each month.

The presence of this type leads to menstrual blood retention within the uterine cavity, and sometimes blood may reach the abdominal cavity through the fallopian tube, which increases the severity of pain.

The remedy for this condition is a simple operation for the girl, where we make a small hole in the membrane to allow blood flow.

Common questions by girls :

1. Can I see the hymen ? !!!

A girl cannot see the hymen even if she uses a mirror for this purpose. In general, we never recommend such an attempt. Too much tampering at the opening of the vagina may rupture this thin membrane, or sometimes widen the opening of the membrane if the girl tries to insert her finger inside, Which may lead to non-bleeding when breaking of the membrane at marriage.

2. Can the hymen be ruptured without sexual contact?

In some cases, the hymen may be ruptured without sexual contact, such as in the case of a girl falling on a sharp object, in the practice of some vigorous exercise, in the case of frequent tampering with the fingers at the opening of the vagina, or if the girl used a strange object during the practice of masturbation (secret habit). The rupture of the membrane in such cases is accompanied by the loss of some drops of blood, and in such case the girl must make sure that she consults the doctor.

3. Can pregnancy occur despite the integrity of the hymen?

Sometimes pregnancy can occur without breaking the hymen and without any full sexual intercourse, and only by superficial sexual play. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. This situation has been encountered many times by the doctors. The girl coming to the doctor complaining of  stoppage of the period!! and some other symptoms such as dizziness and nausea.  These indicate in anybody’s mind that there is a pregnancy, even though the girl is not married. When asked,  the girl about any sexual contact between her and her partner, the girl remembers that she has gone through superficial sexual intercourse without penetration!!.

What a harsh surprise, the girl learns then that the superficial sexual relationship has led to pregnancy, based on medical examination and the result of a pregnancy test.  In some other cases, it may be even more surprised when the girl is pregnant as a result of superficial sexual contact with the man while he is still wearing his underwear. The man’s fluid managed to seep through!!

We can emphasize to all girls that the existence of the hymen, as it is, does not prevent the entry of sperm through it, sperm can move and infiltrate into the vagina if the ejaculation occurs near the opening, or if the hand or fingers take part of semen to the vagina without noticing.

What does the hymen repair surgery costs?

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