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The woman goes through changes all through her life time ... .. When the baby girl is born, she still harbors and enjoys the hormones passed to her from her mother during pregnancy. She may have some transient growth of her breasts, this can sometimes be considerable enlargement and may be accompanied by discharge of fluid from the nipples. A clear vaginal discharge is evident in most baby girls and moistening of the genitalia is noticeable. This discharge is sometimes blood stained due to the withdrawal effect of the fall in the estrogen passed to her by her mother. She will gradually lose this supply and starts to produce her own in a similar gradual manner at a later stage in her life.

The girl then goes through babyhood, childhood, adolescent, adulthood with the development and growth of her oranges, internal and external and the supply and function of her ovaries and adrenals, and other endocrine glands with the required hormones. Child bearing age and the years of peak activity follows, then a decline as a natural process of life takes place ...

Throughout this life span the female may go through these changes without turmoil and be able to sustain the effects and adapt, change and melody accordingly with it and enjoy every stage of her life with God's gift to her.

 At the British Clinic, with the understanding and the deep appreciation of the physiology and the natural function of the woman's making, support is provided during all the stages that the woman passes through in her life. This is done with utmost sensitivity, professionalism and understanding. Advice is provided and when interference is needed to correct or adjust the hormonal imbalance, this is deal with. When surgical or non-surgical need is warranted, the professionals are here to help.



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