Boy or Girl (Gender Sex) Selection

At The British Clinic, access to the latest techniques in infertility management is provided in a friendly atmosphere. Questions and suggestions are always welcomed to improve the care. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to the problem of infertility. Our team is constantly updating knowledge on infertility management to provide the expected successful outcome. This is the reason for steady improvement in our success.

Our centre collaborates with other centres locally, national and international.

More and more requests for choosing a boy or a girl is being demanded all over the world for varieties of reasons. Some medically indicated but others are only for social and family needs and preferences.

This gender (sex) selection is done using PGD , and the spin and swim up separation techniques when it is indicated.

PGD (Pre Genetic Diagnosis)

In this technique a cell is aspirated from the embryos which are obtained using IVF or ICSI. This is then tested for the gender being male or female. Furthermore other inherited detectable disease can be checked.The appropriate embryos can then be selected for embryo transfer, and the others to be discarded.

Spin & Swim Up

In this method , the semen sample is proccesed , using culture media . The specimen is spun and washed, the debris, other cells and dead and inactive sperms are separated from the active potent lot. The sample of the good active sperm is then used in the swim up technique  to allow the female  to be segregated from the male chromosome harbouring ones! The desired gender sex containing ones are now used to inseminate ( IUI ) the woman with.



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