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Family planning involves using various methods to control the number and timing of pregnancies. A couple may use contraception to avoid pregnancy temporarily or sterilization to avoid pregnancy permanently.

Contraceptionis prevention of fertilization of an egg by a sperm (conception) or attachment of the fertilized egg to the lining of the uterus (implantation). There are several methods of contraception. None is completely effective, but some methods are far more reliable than others. Effectiveness often depends on how closely people follow instructions. Following instructions for some methods is easier than for others. Thus, the difference in effectiveness between typical use (which is often inconsistent) and perfect use (following the instructions exactly) may vary greatly from one method to another. Beside its degree of effectiveness, each contraceptive method has other advantages and disadvantages. Choice of method depends on lifestyle, preferences, and the degree of reliability needed.


Hormonal Methods

Contraceptive hormones can be taken by mouth, inserted into the vagina, applied to the skin or injected into muscle. The hormones used to prevent conception include estrogen and progestins. Hormonal methods prevent pregnancy mainly by stopping the ovaries from releasing eggs or by keeping mucus in the cervix thick so that sperm cannot pass through the cervix into the uterus. Thus, hormonal methods prevent the egg from being fertilized. All hormonal methods can have similar side effects and restrictions on use.

- Oral Contraceptive
- Skin patches and vaginal rings
- Contraceptive Injections
- Emergency Contraception
STERILIZATION involves making a person incapable of reproduction.
-  Disrupting the tubes that carry the sperm or the egg ends the ability to reproduce.
- Vasectomy for men.
- Tubal ligation for women.



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